Friday 20 February 2015

Oracle DataPump CONTENT parameter in API mode

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recently there was a question in the Oracle Technology Forum (OTN) regarding using the API for DataPump.

In particular the question was concerning the CONTENT parameter which is available in normal DataPump. With the use of this keyword, you can filter what the DataPump Export unloads: data only, metadata only, or both:
This keyword does not exist in that form for the API version, but in the API, there are other methods that can be used to achieve the same.

For example if you want to export only the metadata of tables or schemas (so no actual rows), you can do this with the following way:

Use the  DATA_FILTER method to filter data and export only metadata:

For example:


Use table_name and schema_name to specify which tables/schemas should be exported. If you set value = 0 in combination with INCLUDE_ROWS for name option, it disables the unloading of data by DataPump(=metadata_only).

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