Tuesday 3 February 2015

How to include custom modules in Oracle RDA


this time something really new.

For those of you who have been using the Remote Diagnostic Agent for Oracle: Have you ever wanted to create your own modules that would include your desired queries and end up in one *.htm file as illustrated in the following image:

The actions to achieve this are the following:

NOTE: This solution is only applicable with the 8.xx version of the RDA!

1. In the rda/collect/DB/ folder create your module, by creating a MYMOD.cfg and MYMOD.ctl file.

The MYMOD.cfg file is quiet straight forward and should contain the following code:
The MYMOD.ctl file is the actual file that will contain your queries. You should write and structure it like that:

Now for every information you want to query, you need to create one block with each of these components and add it to the MYMOD.ctl file:

And then following the same scheme you can add as much blocks as you want with different queries.

2.  Run the RDA in order to create an output.cfg. The output.cfg file is a config file which describes which modules have been executed. In order to include your module in the future of execution, add the following statements in the output.cfg file:

Now if you rerun the RDA (with the standard command # perl rda.pl), your modules will also be executed!

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